Cavite State University - Trece Martires City Campus

Department of Arts and Science

1    Uphold the highest standards in delivering quality and gender-sensitive instruction through continuous development of its facilities, faculty members, and instructional materials;
2    Provide students with relevant knowledge on basic education courses as prerequisite in understanding various allied programs;
3    Produce graduates who could be licensed psychometricians, academicians, human resource managers, researchers, clinicians or any allied professions; and
4    Engage in various research and extension activities that address global trends and societal demands, being aligned with the goals and objectives of the university.


1    Acquire the skills and competencies needed to be license psychometricians or work in the academe, human resource, or in research;
2    Pursue careers in medicine, law, management, etc.;
3    Pursue specializations in psychology such as clinical, counseling, developmental, educational, social, industrial/ organizational, etc. with the further training and education; and
4    Adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice in psychology.